Just Getting Started

Hey there, thanks for checking in. Before I get too far into my story, I just want to tell a bit about what I’m doing and why. This will all be explained in detail later, but I want to get a post out and warm you guys up for what’s to come. First, I want to answer a couple FAQs I’ve gotten.

1. What is Esports? Like EA Sports? I know them, they make that football game!

No! Not EA Sports, please never mention them. =)

Esports is professional gaming. To think of it simply, imagine the NBA, NFL, MLB or whatever your favorite professional traditional sport organization is. Everything is the same except the equipment and the rules. There are hundreds of professional esports teams who practice six 14 hour days a week, there are people making millions of dollars, there are people who trained for years and years to do this, there are public figures and celebrities, there are contracts, there are franchises, and on and on. Think of it as a regular team sport, with strategy and team coordination required. And type “esports” in Google and see what you find. (Here I did it for you. Now you have no excuse!)

2. How and why did you get into this?

I originally got into watching esports around 5 years ago with some of my college roommates. At the time it was just a way to connect with them since we didn’t watch the same traditional sports. Then, throughout college, I started to use it as a way to connect to out of town friends as well. Many of my closest friends watched the same teams that I did, and we would often times watch together while on the phone, or catch up after the games and recap some things. There are two other specific things that made me stick with it in addition to these connections made.

First, in traditional sports (for most people college age or older), you can’t really go do the things your favorite professional teams and players do. It becomes very hard to play football or baseball after watching a game. You need a ton of equipment, a ton of people (22 for full team game, 10 to make a small one fun), a place to go, a way to get there, and for everyone to follow through. Even then, our bodies start to fall apart, and it can be tough to try and pretend like we are still in high school sometimes. No, it is not impossible, just less likely to happen often and without planning. On the other hand, playing the games of the esports I watched was more attainable, and we could directly learn and improve from watching the pros. You can watch people better than you and increase your own skill in real time! It’s incredibly satisfying. It’s also something I can’t really do playing football anymore.

Second, it became a sort of escape throughout some difficult times I had in college. Like many of us, I had a couple really dark years after a few friendships, relationships, and communities of mine fell apart. And like introverts do, I often hid alone, unable to fully trust those I had left, just hoping to recharge as best I could. You could say I built some walls. One of the ways I occupied my time and began to heal was through playing games with these out of town friends that I had gotten so close to. These friends weren’t connected to my inner circles that had fallen apart. They were safe. In some ways, this saved me.

3. What is the point?

Well I’m glad you asked! The reason why I got in was for friends, the reason I stayed was to heal, and the reason I’m making a career out of it is to…. help others! “Whooooo!” 

For those who know me, I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise. I like to think I can be a helpful guy. I guess we will find out. My main goal in the long run is to work with and for youth. Since esports helped me, and since they’re so popular in the younger generations, and since they’ll literally never go away, I figure it’s a great place to be. I have a few plans with how this will work, but more on that in another post.

4. What can YOU do to help?

This is not an FAQ, but it should be. Hehe. =)

A few things. Most importantly, I want feedback. I want legit criticism from people who already know about esports and I want honest questions from people who don’t. The best way I can improve is from outside sources. I do reflect on my own, but I really want others’ help as well.

The other thing I need is exposure. So if you see something of mine you like, hit share. =) If you know someone who is into this stuff, or who might be in a tough place and looking for some way to work through life at the moment, send them my way and I’d love to chat and see if this could be at all helpful for them.

Lastly, (this is the worst part) I need to survive. Freelance is really tough, so I plan to work probably 80 hours or so a week on content production and management. I plan to have money coming in from various sources, but none of it is guaranteed, nor forever. It is expensive out here in LA. Currently all I eat is sweet potatoes, frozen fish, and of course chips and salsa. (<<This is not a lie. I have pictures for proof.)

To help me survive, PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR ADBLOCKERS! DO IT NOW PLEASE! (Just for this site at least. Please, I only post small, easy ads. If you find a bad one, notify me and I’ll contact Google about it.) Also, I set up a Patreon, which is a site that allows people to give recurring monthly payments to others. =))) If you think this is cool and want to see my work, I would love a three month commitment of donating $2 a month. I believe in myself, so I know I’ll do great, but I don’t want to ask for much from anyone else. If I can get even 20% of my friends to commit to $2 a month, I can survive! Sure, if you want, you can increase that. Support as much as you’d like! =) Also, I promise – I swear – once I can secure a spot for myself, I will turn my Patreon off (I’m not trying to steal from my friends!) I just know the first few months will be tough, and would love any help I can get.

5. Why is your name parqueso? And wait, is it lower case?

Originally, this question was the same, but “Why is your name parkeso?” This story doesn’t work as well over text, but basically, for the first 12 years of my online presence, everything I did had the handle parkeso. LITERALLY MY NAME AND LAST INITIAL! But for some reason, everyone read it as par-kay-so. They made no connection to my name and just assumed there must be some fun story behind it. People that I knew for 8 years literally pronounced it wrong the whole time and never said anything, nor figured out on their own that it was my name. I am still both extremely perplexed and simultaneously amused by this whole situation. In any case, people never really let go of calling me parqueso, so I owned it. And here we are. If only I could get my gosh darned Twitter account………… (Someone else – NOT ME – has this handle and it has been suspended for forever and I can’t get Twitter to release it. I guess I just have to get famous so they hear me!) But also yes, it is lower case. It always was from the start, and that’s the way it will stay I guess. Still capitalize it at the beginning of a sentence though, I’m not a monster!

6. What to expect from this parqueso guy?

Welp, a lot of things. I’ll be posting blogs here about life, esports, adventures, and most importantly, how to survive on 5 dollars a day (coming soon to a blog near you). I will also be linking all my various content on here as well. Think of this blog as a one-stop-shop to all things parqueso. In addition, I have a large number of content things planned. I am writing articles for an Israeli league, I’ll be doing video interviews for the NA LCS, I’ll be doing content with a couple news sources, and picking up other things here and there. I also have some projects running on Twitter that I’ll share with you soon, among other projects yet to come. Next week, I go to E3, a huge gaming conference in LA, with a bunch of exclusive news! I’ll be posting about that on Twitter and Instagram. Follow, like, subscribe, share, patreonize, and give me some great feedback. You are all my partners. I can not do it without you. ❤


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